Weekend Exploits: The Pancake Princess Eats Houston. Then Goes on Vacation.

An innocent person might ask: “What did you do this weekend?”

The short answer is: I ate. A lot.

The long answer is: I…

…went to the long-awaited Pondicheri (slightly disappointing):

destroyed the vegetarian platter at Fadi’s (OHMYGOD AMAZING)…



made pancakes…

made banana bread French toast…

went to a wine bar…

Ate the most delicious gorgonzola polenta plate with grapes, asparagus, greens and fried eggs at said wine bar (13 Celsius, half-price wine on Sundays for whoever’s asking):

Got a little too enamored and tried to re-create the same thing at home an hour later after an impulse Whole Foods run:

…um, and then finished off the night with an “oops” slice of Aunt Etta’s chocolate cake from the Chocolate Bar. And leftover chocolate covered strawberries.

…and a scoop of Kooky Cookie Dough and Night and Day ice cream from the Chocolate Bar. But I didn’t photograph the cake and the ice cream because you’re probably sick of seeing pictures of food by now. (Also I was eating cake.)

And now, I’m off on vacation! Where I will probably eat a lot more (ack) and post more pictures (yay!).

But I have lots to tell when I get back! Mainly about homemade gourmet polenta gorgonzola cheese plates, banana bread french toast, perfectly puffy pancakes, cake-like cornbread, Smitten Kitchen dinner party fodder, banana bread bake offs…the list goes on.

Have a great 4th! 🙂

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