About the Pancake Princess: 10 facts

{1} If I could only bake one type of baked good for the rest of my life, it’d be layer cakes. Hands. Down.

{2} I love reading about what other people eat, looking at what other people make, and making lists of what I want to bake.

{3} My favorite cake ever is the All-American chocolate cake from Costco. True story. Sad life?

{4} I constantly crave pancakes, veggie burritos, scones, cornbread and lemon poppyseed muffins. And cake. And sometimes doughnuts. Sometimes shrimp tacos. Always spring rolls. Oh, and sweet potato fries and sweet potato pie.

{5} I’m originally from near San Francisco and always planned to move back after going to college in Houston. Then I got a job and stayed. Plus my Wisconsin-born boyfriend is also decided to get his PhD here in Houston. Double win!

{6} I obviously love writing about food and had a brief, wonderful, food-writing internship at the Houston Chronicle where I got to pen a few articles, get a peek into the food-writing world and bask in the tutelage of one of the most amazing food writers out there today.

{7} I co-taught a college baking course that focused on basic baking techniques and recipe modifications with the philosophy: if you’re going to bake a lot, why not make your products slightly less of a nutritional wasteland? So if you run across “Baking 101“…that’s what it is.

{8} I am utterly smitten with Momofuku Milk Bar. If I could ever get my butt over to NYC, I’m betting their cakes could take on my affinity for that so, so bad but SO good Costco cake.

{9} Pescatarian = a seafood-eating vegetarian. It sounds so pretentious to say, but that’s what I am. I don’t think I’d be able to eat in a Chinese restaurant (my heritage) if I didn’t eat seafood. Plus I love salmon. And sardines.

{10} My favorite pancakes in the world come from…………..

…..well, it’s a tie. Either Stacks if I’m in my hometown in Norcal, or Le Peep if I’m in Houston.

5 responses to “About the Pancake Princess: 10 facts

  1. I went to grad school in LA, but moved to Dallas about 4 years ago. Your pancake recipes look amazing! I rarely make pancakes at home, but I’m excited to try some of your recipes.

  2. Hi Erika! It sounds like we have very similar stories. I’m also a pescetarian who loves dessert, moved from Cali to Texas, and loves layer cakes. Can’t wait to browse through your recipes and beautiful photos!

    • No way! That is so cool 🙂 Where in Cali did you move from and where in Texas did you move to? And please, I was having such a ball browsing through YOUR beautiful photos yesterday–talk about stunning. Keep in touch!

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