About the blog

I’m totally obsessed with baking. I started this blog because I baked a ton anyway and stalking food blogs was a bad but unstoppable habit of mine. I started with a background in writing, absolutely zero photography experience and a huge desire to bake everything in sight.

I’m into health. But not on a crazy extreme Ironman-ing/vegan/gluten-free/paleo diet level. I was lucky to grow up in northern California where healthy lifestyles seem somewhat ahead of the curve. I just like to eat with a strong focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins. I don’t eat meat partly because I think there are more environmentally-responsible choices to make, partly because I’m against animal cruelty, partly for health, and partly because I just don’t like it all that much anyway. I’m a retired water polo player (thank god!) and these days keep active in as many ways as I can to keep up with my sugar consumption!

I modify everything. Baked goods are my indulgence. And if a cookie tastes just as good to me with a little less butter, then why not do it? You’ll find a lot of baked goods on my site, and a lot of them have been modified to be lower-fat, lower-calorie or more whole-grain-y. I love using whole wheat flour, chia seeds, flax, yogurt and applesauce (but not too much…I’ve had enough low-fat gummy disasters to be cautious!). I like venturing into vegan baking territory. If I wouldn’t eat something I made, I won’t post it.

On the other hand…I love elaborate desserts. Pie-stuffed cupcakes. Layer cakes. Dessert masquerading as pancakes. Sometimes you just have to throw [nutrition] caution to the winds.

I love pancakes. Weird, considering I grew up on Krusteaz mix pancakes (my first Bisquick pancake was a game changer) and my Sunday brunch comfort food were my dad’s pannekoeken, or thin Dutch crepes. But once I had my first stack of fluffy restaurant pancakes, I fell in love. Now I’m chasing down the perfect pancake recipe. For me, perfect = thick and fluffy. Cakey is good. But I also get bored with the same thing, so I try out new types and flavors often, and I’ll share them with you every Friday.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you stick around so we can talk PANCAKES! 🙂

*I begged one of my best friends to start a blog with me our senior year of college and he did, which is where the “Protein Prince” came from…and almost promptly disappeared. But he is one of my best friends who also shares my affinity for triple-layer red velvet cheesecake brownie concoctions and first introduced me to protein powder in pancakes (still on the fence about that), so I like to think he’s here in spirit.


Chat with me! Send me pancake recipes you love! Tell me your secrets!

e7bookworm (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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