What I Made Over Winter Break


Tons and tons and tons of cookies.

I’m not kidding.

So very many cookies. And I am only getting around to talking about them now (hello, February?) because…

1) I brilliantly forgot to bring my camera charger home and my camera died before I could upload pics and;

2) I brilliantly forgot to bring my camera back to school and it only just now arrived in the mail.

Happy day.

Here’s what I made:

S’mores Cookies

Good, with such gooey, chocolate-y marshmallow-y fluffiness on top, but a little too addicting for my taste. Aka you can only be satisfied by eating about 28593845938745 of them.

Pfeffernusse, or German Pepper Nut Cookies

GERMAN PEPPERNUTS ROCK MY WORLD!!!! …Actually I guess it’s supposed to be German, pepper, and nut cookies (as in separate entities)…in any case, these were dense, tightly-crumbed balls of lightly spiced perfection rolled in powdered sugar. Yumm.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

I’ve tried putting ricotta in scones and now cookies and just…no. I don’t think it adds anything, except a slightly chewy consistency. These had a nice flavor, especially with the glaze (I didn’t use cranberry juice), but I think next time I’d make a regular lemon cookie.

Vegan Biscotti

…Chocolate-Dipped Vegan Biscotti, that is.

Please excuse the chipped nail polish!

These were extremely crumbly when slicing, with a rather atypical biscotti flavor. Maybe the word I’m looking for is…healthy?

Tiny Peanut Butter Blossoms

These were based off this concept, but I used this peanut butter cookie base instead. No go. The modified vegan cookie base was excessively crumbly and not quite sweet enough for these cookies, a little too floury. I can’t wait to try them for real someday!

And my brother made some super cute sugar cookies!

And that was my holiday cookie extravaganza. I’m excited for next year.

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