Top Five Posts of 2012

Dear all you Pancake Princess readers:

Thank you for coming and reading my blog. Whether you are a routine commenter or quite reader, I really appreciate that you’ve chosen to spend your time browsing my site and recipes. I hope 2012 was great for you–I know that it flew by in a flash for me: I graduated from college, got a job, went to Wisconsin, melted my first plastic bowl (by accident) in the oven, ramped up this blog, and made/consumed more pancakes than I ever have in my life.

But just because we’re looking forward to a new year doesn’t mean we have to forget the past–2013 seems like an excellent time to revisit some recipes from 2012. Who am I kidding–pancakes are good any time!

So here are my top five most-viewed posts of 2012. And here’s to a great 2013 for you and yours.

1) Pumpkin Pie-stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes: Sometimes I dream about these cupcakes–incredibly moist chocolate cake filled with a dollop of creamy pumpkin pie and topped with rich chocolate ganache and caramel cream cheese frosting. A fair choice for the top-viewed post around these places.

Pumpkin Pie-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Ganache

2) Lemon Bar Pancakes: a total indulgence of lemony pancakes, lemon curd, and Momofuku-esque shortbread crumbles. This was a flavor combination that even surprised me–I’m usually all about chocolate, but I loved these tart, lemony delights.

Lemon Bar Pancakes

3) Vegan Quinoa-Quinoa Cornbread: This recipe got a huge boost from readers over at VeganSpotting. The first time I spotted this Bryant Terry recipe, I knew I had to try it. It’s grainy, hearty, filling and quite healthy. Maybe not your classic cornbread, but if you like graininess and you like quinoa, this is a must-make.

Vegan Quinoa-Quinoa Cornbread + how to make quinoa flour!

4) Pumpkin Muffins: This was my second post to be accepted to TasteSpotting and I was SUPER excited. These were my best-ever low-fat quick bread recipe–a great pumpkin muffin that doesn’t taste low fat at all!

Pumpkin Muffins

5) Vegan Sandies: Thanks to these coconut oil and vegan butter-filled (non)butterballs, I got my first recipe featured on Yummly! I’d always wondered how bloggers got that “Certified Yummly” badge–now I know. And am really excited to make these crumbly, sugary babies again next year.

Vegan Sandies

And so thank you, you awesome group of readers, for making those posts my top five.

I also wanted to bring several other recipes to your attention, just in case you missed them. The top five recipes you chose were a cupcake, pancakes, cornbread, muffins, and a holiday cookie. Here are five of the more underrated recipes, in my opinion, in each category:

1) Banana Marzipan Layer Cake: This is BY FAR the healthiest layer cake I’ve ever made. The cake layers are stuffed with ripe banana and whole wheat flour and just a bit of oil for tenderness. The marzipan layer–a mixture of ground almonds and egg white that can be made at home–and toasted almonds add protein and delicious grainy and crunchy texture. Tied together with almost pure chocolate “ganache”? YUM. Plus I got to guest post this on the lovely Bailey of Bailey Bakes‘ blog (you should definitely check her out! One of my favorite sites!)


2) Whole Wheat Pear & Chocolate Pancakes: Although I love each of my pancake recipes like a child, these hold a special place in my stomach. These pancakes are packed with fiber from whole wheat flour and loaded down with large pear chunks and chocolate chips, but they’re still totally fluffy and light. This is one of the first pancake recipes I’d recommend to a new (or old) reader!

Whole Wheat Pear and Chocolate Pancakes

3) Best Cakey Cornbread: My all-time favorite classic cornbread. It has a great tight crumb and is a sweeter cornbread, but not overly so. I can eat this by the pan-ful, practically.

Best Cakey Cornbread


4) Cinnamon Swirl Brioche: So there’s an actual muffin I want to put here, but I haven’t actually posted it yet. In lieu of that fantabulous recipe that I’ve been keeping from you (sorry), I just want to share this and tell you to make it. Like, right now. Bread counts as dinner. Also, I’m in love with Canella Vita, the blog of a girl baking her way through high school. Don’t you love that tagline? (Oh yeah, she was the one who first made this bread.)

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche

5) Vegan Jam Thumbprints: These are my most re-made cookies that I’ve posted so far, and I think they totally deserve it. These little gems get their fat from coconut oil rather than butter, use oat flour instead of regular flour, and use chia seeds instead of eggs. And the dough can be made in approximately one minute in a food processor. You will want to make these year-round, not just for the holidays–promise.

Vegan Jam Thumbprint Cookies

P.S. Special shout out to my top five commenters, according to wordpress–Choc Chip Uru, Judy @ Petit4Chocolatier, Leah @ Inspire & Indulge, Eva @ Healthy Glow Nutrition, and Nancy @ GottaGetBaked. I am so lucky to have stumbled into such a warm, welcoming and inspiring community of people who are all so very creative and talented. I feel especially lucky to have gathered so many lovely comments from these five very talented ladies. And all you other lovely commenters–you’re fantastic too!

Go out. Be real. Live healthy. Eat pancakes. Conquer 2013.


26 responses to “Top Five Posts of 2012

  1. How did I miss this kick ass wrap-up post? Every single recipe you listed here looks amazeballs. I should spend a weekend making every single thing and just stuff my face until I fall into a blissful sugar coma. And thanks for the shout out. I think me being one of your top commenters just means that I have a big mouth and I’m cyber stalking you. Here’s to another wickedly delicious year, Erika!

    • LOL Nancy: you are my favorite. Re: the weekend of sugar coma–that is how I feel about all your cakes! Nomnomm. That would be so much (diabetic-inducing) fun!!

      If that means cyber stalking, then bring it on 🙂 I’m excited to see what you’ll bring to the table this year! (More layer cakes, please!)

  2. Your blog and tasty treats are incredible! I wish you a very happy and healthy new year 🙂

  3. Congratulations on meeting all of your goals this last year. You have been a very busy girl and I am super happy that you have been Congratulation on meeting all of your goals for 2012 and making and consuming more pancakes than should be humanly possible. I love visiting your little space and reading about all of your delicious recipes. Take care, BAM

    • Thank you so much Bam! Hahaha I will continue to consume more pancakes than humanly possible and I look forward to reading more delectable recipes from you!

  4. Seriously. I thought I was the queen of pancakes until I met (met? found? Is that creepy..?) you. Lemon bar pancakes? YUM. I used to make pancakes every Sunday and I think I may have been reinspired to pick that up again. We should be neighbors. We would make epic breakfasts together.

    • Dear Kaylie: um not creepy AT ALL. More like I am super happy you found me! I will definitely be using your blog to help keep me on a healthy track this year, yay 🙂 Can we please be neighbors? Epic breakfasts sound AMAZING. And then we can go on runs together and I can die while you…run really fast 🙂

    • Done deal. As long as you don’t mind mush arriving at your door instead of cupcakes…don’t think they’d travel well 😦

      Happy New Year to you too! I’m excited to keep on following your blog and getting inspiration to stay on track with being healthy! (I think my New Years resolution is to go a week without eating added refined sugar to my diet. We’ll see how that goes.) Because really, you are such an inspiration with your healthy diet and ability to eat in moderation! Ha. Something I lack!

  5. Yay, I loved reliving your blogging escapades of 2012! I’m so excited for what you’ll share in 2013. You are such an inspiration! Happy new year. 🙂

    • Aw thanks Leah! I’m about to go read about your post about 2012 and am super excited! So glad I got to know you and your blog this past year–I am super lucky to find a huge source of awesome craft/food ideas and a sweet friend!

    • Ugh, that brioche would be the death of me if I made it as often as I crave it! SO yum, and absolutely no nutritional value! Ah well…maybe after January 🙂 Happy New Year to you too!!

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