Banana Bread Bake Off (BBBO): The Quest for Cindy’s Banana Bread

I’ve been meaning to share this with you for awhile–my quest for a certain banana bread.

When I lived off-campus during college with my then best-friend, we baked a LOT. We made corn bread muffins, chocolate cakes with runny chocolate glazes or thick ganaches, chocolate-bottomed oatmeal squares like these, break and bake chocolate chip cookies…the list goes on.

Also, that year constituted my skinniest-ever status during college. See the logic?

(I don’t.)

But more importantly, we were banana bread fiends. We took turns baking our favorite recipes (sometimes at the same time), which were extremely different.

Unlike the dozens of of brown, crunchy-crusted, banana-flecked loaves I’ve churned out of the oven in my lifetime, my roommate’s banana bread was much paler–almost yellow in color, like pound cake. It rose taller than mine did, and she always made it in the extra-large glass loaf pan she had so that the slices were thick and seriously hefty. It was dense and moist with banana and butter, but not overly banana-y. She never worried about cutting back on fat while baking, and so while my banana bread sometimes came out on the drier side from cutting the oil and replacing it with applesauce or yogurt, hers was always luscious, an oasis in the desert of my early attempts at low-fat baking.

Oh, and while I usually add chocolate chips and sometimes nuts to mine, hers was always unadulterated. Like, you wouldn’t even think about adding chocolate chips. It was THAT GOOD.

I messaged her the other day asking for the recipe, but for some reason or another, she couldn’t get it for me. So I decided I still had to have it, and I was going to find it if I had to make 100 loaves of banana bread! (Not a problem.)

Here’s what I remember about the recipe:

  • It used butter, not oil, and a ton of it–probably 2 sticks
  • It was called Cindy’s (Cindi’s?) Banana Bread
  • It used a ton of bananas, somewhere in the ballpark of five
  • It may have possibly used sour cream. I can’t remember.

Surprisingly, those qualifications cut down the current supply of online recipes down to a very small number. I feel like I may have googled “Cindy’s banana bread recipe” back in the day and come up with a PDF file of the recipe, but these days, it’s nowhere to be found 😦

So basically…expect a lot of banana bread in the coming weeks. My plan is to test all the potential recipes I find until I find it, or until my pipeline is exhausted. I’m excited 🙂

Question: What’s YOUR favorite banana bread recipe? Do you know of any that sound like my roommate’s recipe?? (If so, please tell me!)


3 responses to “Banana Bread Bake Off (BBBO): The Quest for Cindy’s Banana Bread

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    • Thanks 🙂 I think I may have actually come close to finding it the other night…

      Also, just took a look at your banana bread and it looks. Ri. Diculous. YUM!

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