What I Ate: Link Mania!!

If I played “What I Ate(/Am Craving/Am Loving)” today, would you play along?

If not, you can leave now and I won’t be offended.

Yesterday, I made vegan overnight oats, a la Oh She Glows (one of my favorite vegan blogs).

I don’t put maple syrup in the way she does, but I DO pile on the peanut butter. This, for some reason, got me craving chocolate pudding. Chocolate chia pudding, perhaps? Or avocado chocolate pudding? (My sister would be positively shuddering right now, but I think they both look delicious!)

Last night, I made Food and Whine‘s Soft Oatmeal and Banana cookies with my rotting banana.

They turned out like poop (i.e. mushy and weird from the too-sour craisins against the not-very-sweet-banana-y cookie with chunks of melty chocolate from the too-hot oatmeal), but that’s not going to stop me from trying them again or these little peanut butter and banana tidbits DIPPED AND FRIED IN PANCAKE BATTER!!

That bowl of something I made the other night?

That was my attempt at Chocolate Covered Katie‘s Voluminous Vanilla Ice Cream. With chunks of totally NOT healthy knock off Momofuku compost cookie dough that I had frozen. Note to self: buy a blender. A+ idea, D+.  

Also, I went to a panaderia this morning. Actually two. Panaderia = mexican bakery. This was for a legitimate project, I promise.

A project that pretty much demands a dire amount of tastings every time I step into a bakery, but I mean…you do it for the art, right?

Above (clockwise from upper left): a puerquito (traditional pig-shaped cookie that’s vaguely like gingerbread), concha (traditional Mexican bun with sugar paste swirled to look like a shell), queso empanada (a turnover with a cream-cheese based filling), and hornos de something. It was really sugary and cinnamon-y. I was obviously very attentive to everything ASIDE from eating it. I’ll let you know when, if ever, I finish this project.

Lastly, get. Excited.

One of my former students from my baking class has been baking up a (healthy, low-fat) storm lately and made the pictured cookies and muffins. The cookies are little buttery-tasting chunks of chocolate, oat and cherry without having all that much butter actually in them, and the muffins are astoundingly airy and fluffy for having extremely minimal fat.

This protoge (also one of my best friends) brought me some generous samples and shared her recipe, so those will be coming soon.

Also, I feel a severe need to detox from all those pastries with a fat bowl of this. Right. Now.


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